Monday, January 31, 2011

San Xiao Zhu...

A dear friend commented that the "3 little piggehs" in the post last night were 'sacrilegious', cos there's only 1 pig in Xi You Ji.

This is my reply:
These guys? They're just guys. Zhu BaJie is the 'hamsup' pig, while these guys are simple merchants. Itinerant traders. (and one fool swordsman). They haven't... 'been intimate' with a she-pig in easily 48hrs!

They're COMPLETELY different from Zhu BaJie (and the only reason ZBJ doesn't get much curly-tail is cos Tang SanZhang is a TOTAL cock-blocker!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The glorious warrior and his singing blade.

His name was silent, but his tongue was not! He fought for the people, standing firm in court as he stepped up to speak (and often fight) for the little folk.

And when the speakin' were done, he'd let his blade sing for him. and BOY did it sing!

ALLTHEGODDAMNTIME!!! 'SHADDUP ALREADY', shouted Justice Dee! 'COME ON NOW!' said the Jade Emperor from his radiant seat in heaven. And still the blade sang.

Mostly mariah carey crap, but sometimes it'd do showtunes too.

They travelled...

These boys aren't looking fer no trouble mistah, they just want a bite to eat and they'll be on their way! Yessireebob.

And do you know where the local hardware might be? They's lookin' to set up a homestead over on the back 40 behind Mr Vulpinette's place.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Qigong Rabbit...

He said something about there 'not being a year of the Turtle!' And then ran off into the night!

That Pirate's durn Chicken!

In the inky black waters off the coast of Skull Island... a boat full of cut-throat pirates schemes.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Sometimes, out on the prairie, when the sun has set and the fire burns low, the men curled up in their blankets talk of far off mysteries. Of shinobi assassins. Of monkeys with the power of the shadows. Dipped in death and ready to strike.

Sometimes, something arrives out of the night...

Sometimes... could be now.