Friday, October 23, 2009

Cowboy Rejects

These images were part of a course proposal, but the client decided the whole western theme wasn't serious enough for the content.

- Sheriff's office on the left, saloon on the right (Madame Foo's Celestial Heaven Parlour and pizza joint is upstairs).

...and the high sierras in the distance.

Sheriff, Zane LaFontaine and her deputies.
(I went High Noon for the tall guy, and Django for the short fellow)

Map of the town doubles as a learning plan.
The Sheriff's star was an 18th birthday present from my friends in school, lo those many years ago.

Reusing character images in sepia, coupled with a bunch of my own cowboy crap - voila! Title page. The woodgrain is from the laminate on my work-desk, the bolo (string tie) on the right is the only tie I own! (Cos I's a rebel, and I never never never, lah lah lah).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Qigong, FIGHT!!!

These two are rejected character designs for a 'master' character, designed to teach people... um... something.