Friday, June 5, 2009

stuff and non-sense.

What if your mummy made a cup of tea, and the tea was haunted by a Djin from the far orient? Well... she'd get a fright AND 3 wishes! But always remember to make the last wish 'go back in the lamp' (or porcelain cup in this case).

This isn't finished, but I'm liking it enough to post is already. Please like it too.


Ok, so I was discussing projects at work, and needed the extra focus that comes from occupied hands. And lo! These beasties popped into existance. I dunno what they are yet, but they're not vegetarian, I'm telling you that much!


Zombie triceratops (the 2nd coolest of all dinosaurs) meets a Moa. And before anyone points out the impossible timelines here, let me remind you ZOMBIES ARE REAL!!!! Just ponder that for a moment, and then imagine how many dead dinosaur bits are inside your car's engine RIGHT NOW!!!!!

'ROWRRRRRGGGGGGGHH!' (Translated from Dinosaurese: 'brains').

He is the hunter, he hunts. With a bow and laquer arrows. Cos he's cool. And stylish.

There's some more from this series, other folks in the village mostly. I think I need ot update the look of this blog soon (and post more content).

Now go to sleep!