Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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The Yellow Princess, and her friend, FR1END, were walking back from the shops (they went to buy sandwiches), when it started to rain


Turtle Beach (and the gang...)

'There's a million reasons to get up each morning'. Stanley said that to himself every day and every day that million reasons failed to walk into his office...

Deek and Dolly were a pair of characters... yessir.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Yellow Princess and the GIANT robot!

Deep in the bowels of the planet, The Yellow Princess and her friend, FR1END, have found the remains of an ancient automaton society! Is this the beginning of a new adventure, or the end of this one?

(that's supposed to be ominous and threatening).

Dr Dog and his Robo-bird...

Doctor Dog (yes, he got a lot of crap about the name) wasn't the sort to mess about with cadavers and dangerous chemical infusions. Nosireebob! He skips straight over the biometric equation and leaps face-first into robotics!

Bird-bot 1 is primed and ready to testing!


Mean as hell and ready to harvest some wolf-pelts, the gang descended on the sleepy town in the early hours. By lunch-time they were running things.

Ninjas, Gangtas and... oh, that's all.

...Riding a Unicorn.

A flippant remark about what to draw, followed by a rebuttal.

This is far from complete, but illustrates the dire need we all have to beleive in cowboys!

The Lizard Vizier!

The Palace Guard...

High atop the castle wall, an elite guard keeps watch. Vigilant against... stuff, and... other stuff! Mostly against fish though, and the occasional Polar Bear, even though Penguins and Polar Bears rarely actually meet, what with being from the opposite ends of the planet. Doncha know!!!

The Casual Snake