Thursday, December 23, 2010

slime and monsters and stuff... it's almost Xmas eve!

The yellow princess and her Woodland chum ride high! The princess is friends to all manner of creature, big and small, flesh and steel! Today she stands hard against the powers of meanness and bad ideas! Her water rifle is full, and action is on the cusp... of... um... happening! YEAH!

The Scarlett Pilot is the Yellow Princess' older brother. He spent 100yrs trapped in the hollow earth, during which time his experimental jet went online, became sentient and then upgraded itself with the power of awe-some! WOOOSH!

Prairie Dog Sue (also Prairie Dog Sioux).
We don't know much about who Sue was, or what she did. It's likely she had some sort of cowgirl motif going on, which is odd because this...pseudo daguerreotype was found in the ruins of Venice.

MONTER-SAURUS! Part monster, part dinosaur, ALL FUNK!

Sometimes mice are scared of stuff. Oh crap indeed!

Emporer Tiger-ette. This guy was going to be a CNY visual, except I kinda forgot I'd drawn him. So... here he is now!

Killer slime - the creature stepped out of Adrian Liew's site... ooze ooze...

Santa came to me on the Train...

Somewhere along the line my kids have come up with the idea that Santa Claus, giver of gifts and generally kind person, is also a figure to be feared.

I've always told them Santa is a program, running on a supercomputer buried beneath the north polar ice cap. The computer downloads a limited 'self' into 360 robot simulacra (one for each degree of longitude) (or is it latitude?) (no, I'm pretty sure it's longitude), ok, anyways, 360 robots. And they all run hither and yon. Possibly even helter skelter. Across their slice of the globe delivering pressies to unwitting sleepers.

So how, I ask, do my kids insist Santa eats sleeping children (unless of course their father is waiting, watching, ready to use his Venusian Judo).

kids. HAH!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zombie and Logs and Dinosaurs (oh my!)

The lady zombie...
I was dreaming when I drew this, so forgive me if it goes astray!
Oh the drama when you're a boy made of floating logs!

Dealing with a Dinosaur sized ego, the upside being, we can no move into other exciting ideals


The Yellow Princess and her robot companion, 'Friend'.

Seven cycles passed before the princess felt ready to leave the Amber Citadel and rejoin her family on the royal homeworld.

Her brother, the Scarlet Pilot was still listed as missing, but she knew (because he was that way inclined) that he was almost certainly not 'missing'. Instead, he was likely 'otherwise detained'. *snort* boys! etc etc.

Her best friend, a mechanical man who had accompanied her everywhere since she was less than a baby, advised her to rest easy, but the princess was eager to be away at once. There was a mystery on the space-lanes and she was determined to track it down!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a post for December!

Zombie AliceA Glamourous Mermaid (possibly even sea-fae)

The Green Alien with the eyes...
The Ape who went to Space!

The Purple Jaw Alien

The old man who was already in space and wore a cool hat!

And last but not least: Son #1's rendition of The TARDIS.