Thursday, December 23, 2010

slime and monsters and stuff... it's almost Xmas eve!

The yellow princess and her Woodland chum ride high! The princess is friends to all manner of creature, big and small, flesh and steel! Today she stands hard against the powers of meanness and bad ideas! Her water rifle is full, and action is on the cusp... of... um... happening! YEAH!

The Scarlett Pilot is the Yellow Princess' older brother. He spent 100yrs trapped in the hollow earth, during which time his experimental jet went online, became sentient and then upgraded itself with the power of awe-some! WOOOSH!

Prairie Dog Sue (also Prairie Dog Sioux).
We don't know much about who Sue was, or what she did. It's likely she had some sort of cowgirl motif going on, which is odd because this...pseudo daguerreotype was found in the ruins of Venice.

MONTER-SAURUS! Part monster, part dinosaur, ALL FUNK!

Sometimes mice are scared of stuff. Oh crap indeed!

Emporer Tiger-ette. This guy was going to be a CNY visual, except I kinda forgot I'd drawn him. So... here he is now!

Killer slime - the creature stepped out of Adrian Liew's site... ooze ooze...

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