Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Of Monkeys and Men

Here be the monkey king, all a-floaty and mysterious! (he's talking to the king of rocks, who will not let the pilgrims pass)
Jin Tanah - the spirit of the place (as soon as I know more about the Jin Tanah, I'll write it up, but for now be afraid of his awesome place-based magicks!)

Toyol - the magicked monster created from a dead child, and sent to do evil in the world! Scarier than all heck!
Meanwhile, offworld - a rougher crowd of non-humans you'll find nowhere (ok, you will, but not in this drawings)
And then there was power-armour (useful for washing the car, walking the dog and fighting the mongrel-cur who would intrude upon your post-apocolyptian (is that a word?) idyl!!!
My favourite drawing - all of us, AND it's signed by Wolverine!!!

Meanwhilerer... under the sea. A prawn can't get no respeck!
Nor can a cutey bird. (drew this while on the phone)
Some sort of tin warriorAnd now... I sleep.