Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wibbly Ro-bot Guy

On the Barren fields of Ulu-Jalan, the mighty ro-bots do battle and play! Unit 3, stricken with a deep craving for... whatever robots crave is almost blind with wibbly-arms and does not see his nemeses, the flat-heads, rise out of the... um... the behind-the-hill-ness!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rough as guts!

some quick bits and pieces today - no Photoshop prettying or whatnot (ok, not much)
These are mostly pics I did for my kids...

The Fuzzy Pink Bunny!

the daughter asked me to draw a bunny 'wabbit'. Needless to say bunny wasn't supposed to be sleeping! I got in trouble for this one...

Fish Teeth

This was done while I was supposed to be helping Son#1 with his maths homework... or was it english. Sharpie and crayon (mostly cos those were what was available in his pencil case from school/or my pockets at the time).

I know it's kind've a cliched visual, the super-cute li'l fishy with the MASSIVE maw, but I also figured, what the fu- I mean... -hey. It's all good aquatic fun till someone loses a flipper.

Der Froggo

I cheated this one with some quick P'shoppy type colours. This came up in response to the weird-ass li'l frog I saw hopping about on the bitumen the other night while waiting for wifey and kiddos to pick me up from the station.
Hop li'l frog, hop!


The daughter is very keen to learn reading/writing, from there she maintains it's only a hop, skip and a tango to world domination and hair-styling supremacy! She said, 'Daddy-o' (cos we're hip that way, and cos I'm writin' this, and if I admit she said, 'daddeeeeeeee' I'll have to smack you sidewards), she said, 'Daddy-o, draw a line'. So, being the perverse parent I am, I drew the image at left.

After I recovered consciousness I drew the image on the right.

Kids! Hah!