Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monks and Pirates and Frontier Life!

Ladies on the frontier must always be prepared for the worst possible contingencies, specifically those involving bandits, brigands and brush salesmen! Edna Euphamiassen practices regularly with her single-shot 'Budhapster's Reporter'. She can reportedly take a man's dignity at 400yards (what's a yard?)

On the other side of the equation are those wild horsemen (and Antelope-men) of the eastern plains! Tattoo-ed and hungry, they will stampede the tiny settlements if only to watch television, before riding into the dusty sunset while small boys say, 'that wasn't so bad, was it now?'. (Cue interesting mongolian remix of Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western scores.

Filthy pirates and their nautical habits! Red-eyed Stanley here is a master of ropes and strings and stuff.

MORE PIRATEY TYPES! (this fellow spent FAR too long looking at the cover of Prince Charming! 'Try and use a mirror, not a bullet or a kniiiiiiife!')

Pangolin's are ALWAYS getting caught up in one sort of crazy or another. This chap isn't just a religious type, he's ALSO carrying a burning sphere (he claims it's magical and stuff, but really it's just on fire!)

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