Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mindless Sheep!

The fearsome sheep warriors of the high-frontier stand ready to defend their rocky empire from the evils that beset this world! Iron-headed, steel-jawed and granite lipped, they fight for the right to chew their cud, and... do whatever it is sheep do when other, decent folks aren't watching!

(yeah, I know this looks like some of the art in the KFPanda art book - that's completely accidental, but I'll take it on the chin. This came about while doing drawings for my li'l girl's school; she needs to build a wind-chime with the theme, 'family'. So I figured we'd do ourselves as our zodiac animals. Son#1 is a goat (which is also represented as a sheep in the Chinese zodiac) - hence the above image) (sorry KFPanda folks, but I've been drawing ye olde Chinese animals for a good 18yrs now, very much predating your awesome film of awesomeness).

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