Monday, March 16, 2009

Pirates and Puritans and a whole passel o' trouble!

Listening to Hoyt Curtin's EXCELLENT BotP soundtrack and tidying up pics for the ol' Bloggo. What more could a man need?I think this image is Sun Wu Kong the day after his birthday, when he HAS to wear the new hat his monkey-mummy gave him, but he doesn't really want to cos it's a floppy hat, and floppy hats are SOOOOO last epoch, and besides, how will he achieve enlightenment with this stupid hat falling in his eyes allathetime! WARGH!

The Wombat is the sleakest of all water-dwelling mammals. With his thick downy coat and prehensile tail, he is well adapted to the darkest parts of the ocean, where he wrestles with giant molluscs and the occasional recalcitrant zoologist.

This pair set out from Bathurst town at 11am. The puritan stopped to witness 13 times, while the pirate spent his time waylaying coach-tynes and pillaging. Who reached Lithgow first?
With colour, I am still disgruntled and almost peevish!

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