Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Date, it ups!!!

Yes, yes, finally some new stuff! OK!!! So some of it's weeks or months old, but it's new to YOU, so quit yer yappin and um... enjoy). I'm sure there's news too, but who cares? I'm just doing this cos it's kinda like skylarking...

The Hunter... but will he catch his prey? (ok, so the bear wins, but the mouse goes home with a great story)
A Djinn, I love Djinns, they're so cool and wierd and unknowable (and I like how un-human this is, I imagine it being composed of green-plasma and communicating by some sort of mixed harmonic).
A more traditional Djinn (yes, they both live in the same lamp! There ain't no law against two Djinns living in a loving, supporting relationship, so BACK OFF MAN!!!!).

Mer-creature (she ain't hardly no maid no more) (jeez, how many double negatives was THAT?).

The powered armour and the alien... thing (this might go into GANGULARO).

No, I don't know what they are, I drew them during a meeting. They burn, they scuttle, they... eat custard-cream pies?

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